The Secret Fat Burner

Generally, most diet supplements work by impeding fat absorption and others work by preventing carbohydrate absorption whilst others merely help to suppress your appetite.


The Secret Fat Burner takes somewhat a different approach as the Fat Burner has many beneficial attributes.


The Secret Fat Burner works by boosting the body’s metabolism it works by mixing well with added stimulants contained in the supplement.  The body’s heart rate is elevated and with that the process of burning calories begins. The Secret Fat Burner is so beneficial as it burns calories in the body, when the body is resting.

The most beneficial part of the secret fat burner supplement is that when you incorporate a good healthy eating plan and a good exercise programme the effects of The Secret Fat Burner is increased and with this you decrease your body fats and you lose weight.

Kolrabi and Summer Squash Pesto

Today would be another workday at the farmer’s market. A wide variety of fresh produce has been showing up and today was no exception. Riverbank Farm, located in northwestern Connecticut, brought an amazing crop of fresh veggies to the Westport Farmer’s Market today. The lovely ladies of Riverbank Farm offered up some fantastic produce. Among my purchases were beautiful, ripe and sweet tasting cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, garlic scape pesto, and kolrabi. With a bag full of nature’s bounty, I was excited to get home and whip up a few dishes. Here’s what I came up with:

Kolrabi and Summer Squash Pesto

summer squash

First, make a dressing:

In a blender add the following ingredients:

1/2 c sesame oil

juice of 1 lemon

1/4 c unhulled sesame seeds

1/4 c water

2t kelp powder

1T scape pesto

1T ginger

1 pinch cayenne

Puree until smooth and creamy


Set aside. Now peel outer layer off kolrabi. Set aside greens. They can be used in a wilted green salad with kale, chard and beet greens. Cut the kolrabiinto chunks and place in a food processor. Add 1 chopped summer squash and pulse until veggies are reduced to small pieces. Add about half of the dressing and blend to incorporate. That’s it! The delicate taste of the kolrabi is enhanced by the garlic and sesame. I tend to go lite on the salt beacuse I like to taste what the veggies have to offer.

Early Tomato and Fennel Salad

In a bowl, add halved tomatoes, sliced sugar snap peas, thinly sliced fennel with some chopped fennel fronds. Add a touch of lemon, olive oil, lots of fresh black pepper, and a pinch of salt. Heaven!!

A few pints of cherries and strawberries also came with me, but they didn’t make it past the car ride home!

Biltong for Banting

So I am finally living in the “Summer Cottage”.  This simplistic, yet ideal living quarter for me is located on Duck Hole Farm.  Sitting on close to or maybe more than 500 acres, I am in heaven.  A few steps away is my garden, which is perfect for having the opportunity to get my hands in the dirt on a daily basis.  The East River moves slowly through the property and many wild animals pay a visit to the land each and every day.  Yesterday I looked out my window to see a new born deer walking just 30 feet away from the cottage.  Today a few turkeys nibbled on grass while passing by my windows.


Although I am without any modern appliances, water, electricity,  nor cable, I feel very much at ease.  At night with the guidance of candlelight, I flip through the pages of Black Elk Speaks.  After a perfect deep sleep I find myself awake with the morning sun around 5:30am.  The cool breeze sends a comfortable chill in through the windows and tells me it is time to start my day.

Living on a diet based on fruits and meat makes for an easy transition to living without a fridge.  With the exception of consuming lots of fruit, my meals have been freshly picked from my garden.  Generally I will pick a bowl of greens, lots of fresh herbs, snow peas, and a zucchini.  From there, I chop, slice, mince, or spirulize to create a fantastic bountiful salad.

This morning I made amazing Biltong to be enjoyed with fresh cucumber and zucchini slices. We started making biltong as its the perfect banting recipes.


To Prepare The Biltong

Dice 1 ripe steak

Dice 1 heirloom tomato

chop 1/2c fresh cilantro, basil, and parsley

squeeze juice of 1 lime

Mix all ingredients together.  dry the meat and enjoy the Biltong!

A fresh chili may be added to kick up the tastebuds!

Another bonus is that the property is surrounded by woodlands, so I have miles upon miles of trail systems that I have yet to run on.  For me, this means lots of exploring!  In the past, the land owners have found numerous Native American artifacts like arrowheads and hand tools.  I do enjoy searching around to see what I may find as well as bush wacking through the woods in search of dropped deer antlers.

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