Biltong for Banting

So I am finally living in the “Summer Cottage”.  This simplistic, yet ideal living quarter for me is located on Duck Hole Farm.  Sitting on close to or maybe more than 500 acres, I am in heaven.  A few steps away is my garden, which is perfect for having the opportunity to get my hands in the dirt on a daily basis.  The East River moves slowly through the property and many wild animals pay a visit to the land each and every day.  Yesterday I looked out my window to see a new born deer walking just 30 feet away from the cottage.  Today a few turkeys nibbled on grass while passing by my windows.


Although I am without any modern appliances, water, electricity,  nor cable, I feel very much at ease.  At night with the guidance of candlelight, I flip through the pages of Black Elk Speaks.  After a perfect deep sleep I find myself awake with the morning sun around 5:30am.  The cool breeze sends a comfortable chill in through the windows and tells me it is time to start my day.

Living on a diet based on fruits and meat makes for an easy transition to living without a fridge.  With the exception of consuming lots of fruit, my meals have been freshly picked from my garden.  Generally I will pick a bowl of greens, lots of fresh herbs, snow peas, and a zucchini.  From there, I chop, slice, mince, or spirulize to create a fantastic bountiful salad.

This morning I made amazing Biltong to be enjoyed with fresh cucumber and zucchini slices. We started making biltong as its the perfect banting recipes.


To Prepare The Biltong

Dice 1 ripe steak

Dice 1 heirloom tomato

chop 1/2c fresh cilantro, basil, and parsley

squeeze juice of 1 lime

Mix all ingredients together.  dry the meat and enjoy the Biltong!

A fresh chili may be added to kick up the tastebuds!

Another bonus is that the property is surrounded by woodlands, so I have miles upon miles of trail systems that I have yet to run on.  For me, this means lots of exploring!  In the past, the land owners have found numerous Native American artifacts like arrowheads and hand tools.  I do enjoy searching around to see what I may find as well as bush wacking through the woods in search of dropped deer antlers.

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